How much does it cost to upgrade a LOSI DBXL RC?

The RC hobby can be expensive if it hooks you, I have spent a small fortune on 5 cars. I’ve recently moved to 5th scale with the LOSI DBXL.

In stock form the LOSI DBXL is good, but it could be better so it needs upgrades, but how much does it cost to upgrade a car this big, and how will it compare with the bigger LOSI 5IVE?

Losi DBXL, 2 month review.


When you buy a losi dbxl sooner or later you will have you will realise that you will have to buy upgrades. Stock it functions nice enough it drives well enough and accelerates kind of. But after a week or so you will find it lacking in the speed and Performance department. Turning with two stock servos is fine there I say adequate, best of Speed that you will be disappointed that when you realise its actual potential. You will have to set aside some money and time to upgrade the major components, in my case it was the engine the tires the servo and I added a pipe to the list as well.

After you run it hard for a few times and start pushing it hard things will start to break and that is a little bit disappointing, but again is part of our own part and parcel of owning a off road buggy especially one that designed to bash.

I’ve spent over £600 upgrading my losi dbxl car which is actually twice the amount I bought the original car for second hand on from Motorsports UK


This breaks down to be and £215 for the G320 engine, £120 for the JetPro pipe, £90 for four Proline tyres, and finally I spent some money upgrading the servos and various other bits to make it the machine I (almost) want it to be.. besides, getting my hands dirty is part of the fun.

There have been some comparisons and with the Losi 5ive but that is a much bigger car. It’s heavier its wider it doesn’t look like a buggy to me and I’m big fan of the buggy look. What I like about the losi dbxl was it looks and its off road heritage.

What it comes down to is do you like the look and styling and a introduction into 1/5 scale RC cars because the VBA Excel is a great introduction to the 5th scale Arena. but be prepared to so some upgrades; be prepared to spend time and money upgrading.

Losi DBXL Jetpro pipe review

Being fairly new to petrol (or gas as my American friends would say) powered RC Cars there was an overwhelming opinion that installing a tuned pipe would increase the overall performance of any stock petrol engine, in my case a Losi DBXL buggy.

This is my video review covering the installation and final results of the JetPro pipe on my DBXL.