Bank Holiday Bash Fest 2017 Review

Twice a year, one of my favourite RC events happen just outside Welford, England; Bash Fest. I’ve always thought the name was strange since I imagined it would be more ‘racey’, but in fact it is very ‘bashy’.

In the past I have taken my trusty (ironic) Losi DBXL to Bash Fest, but this year I had a new toy, a Sony A6300 and an adapter (Metabones). This allowed me to attach a big Canon 100-400mm lens; this meant I could film the the 5th Scale cars at a magnification, quality and frame rate better than anyone else there. But I digress.

I knew a few people at Bash Fest, mainly from Facebook groups, so it was really nice to connect to them face to face. I also meet some subscribers of my YouTube channel which was great listening to their feedback.

Below is the YouTube video I made about Bash Fest 2017. All opinions are my own and is not meant to offend anybody with my thoughts and views.


RC crashes at Bash Fest 2017

Without doubt, the highlights of any RC meet are the crashes; they are visually spectacular and it just so happens I’m recording some of the RC crashes at Bash Fest 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, filming 5th scale RCs tearing up the track is great fun, but seeing a 30 pound, 50mph car fly through the air after a collision is joyous!!

Check out my video below to see some of the RC crashes in glorious splendour.

Losi 5ive B, the best track car ever?

At a recent 5th Scale bash meet I saw my first Losi 5B. Initially I was simply curious about the setup; it was lower and proportionally wider than most 5th scales out there which suggested it had terrific turning abilities. I imagined the lower centre of gravity would prevent tipping during fast turns on the track.

Once these cars hit the ‘very vague’ track course (essentially an old golf course), they felt right at home up with the BAJA animals, and the elegant (yes “elegant”) LOSI DBXLs.

The Losi 5ive B, to give its official title, hugged the ground in unnatural ways. The track was uneven but not difficult, however blasting through it at 40mph will mean a very bumpy ride. The Baja’s had a rough time but they have pure speed to battle their way through; the DBXLs were fine but mine needed better ‘grass’ tyres to really bite for grip. The Losi 5ive Bs were setup perfectly it would seem; in my eyes they were outturning everything else, and in the straight line it looked like they were keeping up with the Baja’s.

However, after all is said and done, I will not personally invest in one; for a car like this I would really need to run it on a track; green flat fields would not do the financial investment justice; the Losi 5ive B needs to be on a track turning, burning and jumping.

Watch my YouTube video below for a rundown on the amazing Losi 5ive B.