Bank Holiday Bash Fest August 2017 Photos

My first passion has always been content creation; that covers photography, making short films, YouTube videos and UI UX Design, which is a fancy pants name for web design architecture.

But not many people know I love RC Cars and one of the best places to “fuel” that passion has been the Bank Holiday Bash Fest up in Welford, England.

Bash Fest is essential a huge farmer’s field which is hired out to a 200+ RC drivers wanting a nirvana to talk, bash, race, fix, break, smash, crash, turn and burn anything to do with RC Cars specifically 5th scale cars.

Previously I have focused on shooting videos for my YouTube channel (check out but this time around I wanted to take photos too! So as well as my Sony A6300 which was my video workhorse, I also brought my Canon 5D mk3 with it’s insane focus locking speed!

The Bank Holiday Bash Fest runs from the Friday until Monday morning when people pack up their tents. I could only attend on the Sunday as I had another event I wanted to cover. I was hoping that Sunday would be as busy as the Saturday, but alas it seemed a little emptier. I had been told on by many folks that the previous day was very busy, so I missed out there!

Regardless, I dutifully cover as many races/bashes as I could, especially taking time to take some photos.

For more details about the UK’s biggest 5th Scale RC Car event, visit¬†for 2018’s events. I hope to see you there.


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