Bank Holiday Bash Fest 2017 Review

Twice a year, one of my favourite RC events happen just outside Welford, England; Bash Fest. I’ve always thought the name was strange since I imagined it would be more ‘racey’, but in fact it is very ‘bashy’.

In the past I have taken my trusty (ironic) Losi DBXL to Bash Fest, but this year I had a new toy, a Sony A6300 and an adapter (Metabones). This allowed me to attach a big Canon 100-400mm lens; this meant I could film the the 5th Scale cars at a magnification, quality and frame rate better than anyone else there. But I digress.

I knew a few people at Bash Fest, mainly from Facebook groups, so it was really nice to connect to them face to face. I also meet some subscribers of my YouTube channel which was great listening to their feedback.

Below is the YouTube video I made about Bash Fest 2017. All opinions are my own and is not meant to offend anybody with my thoughts and views.



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