Is the Kraken Vekta 5 worth the price?

There have been many RC types in the hobby, but there is always room for one more. This ‘one more’ happens to be the Kraken Vekta 5; a 5th scale $1,500 beast. And that’s the point I wanted to raise, for $1,500 as a roller (no engine, no servos, no batteries and no pipe) that is a lot of cash for something that cannot function straight out of the box.

For that amount of money, you can purchase a Dragon Hammer, Losi 5B, Bajas and many more cars all ready to run.

So I ask the question, is the Kraken Vecta 5 worth its asking price? Watch my video to find out.

Bank Holiday Bash Fest August 2017 Photos

My first passion has always been content creation; that covers photography, making short films, YouTube videos and UI UX Design, which is a fancy pants name for web design architecture.

But not many people know I love RC Cars and one of the best places to “fuel” that passion has been the Bank Holiday Bash Fest up in Welford, England.

Bash Fest is essential a huge farmer’s field which is hired out to a 200+ RC drivers wanting a nirvana to talk, bash, race, fix, break, smash, crash, turn and burn anything to do with RC Cars specifically 5th scale cars.

Previously I have focused on shooting videos for my YouTube channel (check out but this time around I wanted to take photos too! So as well as my Sony A6300 which was my video workhorse, I also brought my Canon 5D mk3 with it’s insane focus locking speed!

The Bank Holiday Bash Fest runs from the Friday until Monday morning when people pack up their tents. I could only attend on the Sunday as I had another event I wanted to cover. I was hoping that Sunday would be as busy as the Saturday, but alas it seemed a little emptier. I had been told on by many folks that the previous day was very busy, so I missed out there!

Regardless, I dutifully cover as many races/bashes as I could, especially taking time to take some photos.

For more details about the UK’s biggest 5th Scale RC Car event, visit for 2018’s events. I hope to see you there.


Bank Holiday Bash Fest 2017 Review

Twice a year, one of my favourite RC events happen just outside Welford, England; Bash Fest. I’ve always thought the name was strange since I imagined it would be more ‘racey’, but in fact it is very ‘bashy’.

In the past I have taken my trusty (ironic) Losi DBXL to Bash Fest, but this year I had a new toy, a Sony A6300 and an adapter (Metabones). This allowed me to attach a big Canon 100-400mm lens; this meant I could film the the 5th Scale cars at a magnification, quality and frame rate better than anyone else there. But I digress.

I knew a few people at Bash Fest, mainly from Facebook groups, so it was really nice to connect to them face to face. I also meet some subscribers of my YouTube channel which was great listening to their feedback.

Below is the YouTube video I made about Bash Fest 2017. All opinions are my own and is not meant to offend anybody with my thoughts and views.



RC crashes at Bash Fest 2017

Without doubt, the highlights of any RC meet are the crashes; they are visually spectacular and it just so happens I’m recording some of the RC crashes at Bash Fest 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, filming 5th scale RCs tearing up the track is great fun, but seeing a 30 pound, 50mph car fly through the air after a collision is joyous!!

Check out my video below to see some of the RC crashes in glorious splendour.


Losi 5ive B, the best track car ever?

At a recent 5th Scale bash meet I saw my first Losi 5B. Initially I was simply curious about the setup; it was lower and proportionally wider than most 5th scales out there which suggested it had terrific turning abilities. I imagined the lower centre of gravity would prevent tipping during fast turns on the track.

Once these cars hit the ‘very vague’ track course (essentially an old golf course), they felt right at home up with the BAJA animals, and the elegant (yes “elegant”) LOSI DBXLs.

The Losi 5ive B, to give its official title, hugged the ground in unnatural ways. The track was uneven but not difficult, however blasting through it at 40mph will mean a very bumpy ride. The Baja’s had a rough time but they have pure speed to battle their way through; the DBXLs were fine but mine needed better ‘grass’ tyres to really bite for grip. The Losi 5ive Bs were setup perfectly it would seem; in my eyes they were outturning everything else, and in the straight line it looked like they were keeping up with the Baja’s.

However, after all is said and done, I will not personally invest in one; for a car like this I would really need to run it on a track; green flat fields would not do the financial investment justice; the Losi 5ive B needs to be on a track turning, burning and jumping.

Watch my YouTube video below for a rundown on the amazing Losi 5ive B.


10179 UCS Millennium Falcon part Lego 4592c05

So it has been a few weeks since I’ve committed myself to building the Lego Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon and it has not been simple. and one part has slowed my progress. The part in question is Lego 4592c05.

Lego Collectors Millennium Falcon

I have been able to substitute most of the expensive parts (see below) however the part that has eluded so far seems son insignificant that I wondering what I let myself in for.

“…they cost from £0.02 to £4.96”


The UCS Millennium Falcon needs 60 pieces of this small inconspicuous part; on they cost from £0.02 to £4.96 if you wish to buy in bulk.

At the lower prices they are in limited quantity, if I were to buy the lever in small quantities from different sellers, the shipping costs would ridiculous!


I could not justify spending that amount of money for a single unique piece, so in the end I found a Bricklink seller who made custom levers which he simply painted and varnished. I won’t know the quality of his work until I see them but I know it is a compromise I’m willing to make.

In the meantime I have a huge stockpile of Lego pieces in various states of storage. One thing I did not fully account for was the specific type of storage and sorting this project would require.

Many people on various Lego forums and on Facebook have suggested the actual “Blueish Grey” colour of the Lego 4592c05 isn’t necessary, but I part agree; I am not prepared to pay over the odds for such a tiny piece that is purely cosmetic to the build.

I am currently trawling Bricklink, Ebay and other sites to see if I can find this part but in a different colour however at time of writing even the variants of Lego 4592c05 are rising up in price!! I don’t think Gold goes up in value this quickly!

*** UPDATE ***

Someone is selling Lego 4592c05 specifically painted to match blueish grey, see below. I have ordered some and let you know when they arrive.

Lego 4592c05 for Millennium Falcon

Lego 4592c05 for Millennium Falcon


Lego Stormtrooper incorrect helmet

Just a very quick post to let you know about an issue with the Lego Stormtrooper helmets.

I ordered 10 Lego Stormtroopers from specifcally LEGO SW036. They came from the Netherlands so it took just over week to arrive so my anticipation was palpable.

Upon arrival I hastily ripped open the small cardboard box and inside were my Lego Stormtroopers in various pieces. I put them all together, lined them all up and I felt a very silly smile across my face.

This is how my Lego Stormtroopers arrived

I wanted to photograph my latest Lego haul so I got out my macro lens and shot various close ups and scenes and duly posted them up on my photography blog which you can see here. I must point out I have digitally corrected those images on that page.

However it wasn’t until I shared the link on a Lego group page on Facebook that the helmets look odd; in fact he described the Lego Stormtroopers has having “French mustaches”, upon a much closer look he was right!! Once you see it, you can’t “un-see it”

Lego Stormtrooper with French mustache.
Lego Stormtrooper with French mustache.
Left Stormtrooper has correct helmet, the other two are incorrect
Left Stormtrooper has correct helmet, the other two are incorrect

You could argue that it is such a minor detail that it isn’t worth raising, but to me Star Wars Episode 3, 4 & 5 Stormtroopers are as iconic as Vader and Skywalker! So it is important to have them look right.

Lego Stormtrooper with correct helmet
Lego Stormtrooper with correct helmet

I have contacted the seller from the Netherlands and we are working towards a solution; she says she has sold many Lego Stormtroopers without issue; I do believe her but Stormtroopers with French mustaches just doesn’t work for me!!


10 Lego Stormtroopers posing











What do you think? Am I making a Montagne out of a taupinière? Comment below, let me know!

It has been brought to my attention that the French mustache Stormtroopers are possibly fake. Can anyone comment and let me know? I paid £4 (€5.5) for each Lego minifigure.

Lego 8042 motorized excavator photos

It is currently December here in Buckinghamshire so there isn’t much daylight to shoot anything outside, and also it is very quiet in my photo studio. So, since I have recently rekindled my love of Lego I took my latest purchase the Motorized Excavator, Lego 8042.

I have several backdrops one of being a colour called ‘Mandarin’, I was concerned the colour might be too close to actual colour of the Lego kit but after a few test shots they compliment each other well.

For the noir shots, I did have issues with the flash syncing on a cheap flash, my Canon 600EX was fine; but you can read more about that soon on my photography blog. Subscribe to learn more.

You can read build log, in the meantime let me know what you think? I’m always curious about other people’s opinions on my work.